Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sheffield's Splendid Libraries!

Information Commons, Sheffield University
The rather Zen-like exterior of Western Bank Library and the Arts Tower as seen from Weston Park

Sheffield Central Public Library

Furtive photo of the card catalogue from the Reference Section of Sheffield Central Public Library

Borgesian inspiration painted on the wall as Sheffield Central Public Library
Last week, I went up to Sheffield to visit the libraries at Sheffield University, where I was welcomed by the amazing Lex Rigby, Science and Engineering subject librarian at Sheffield University, and given a tour of the Information Commons and the Western Bank Library. I also had the chance to visit the Central Public Library, with its Local Studies and Archives unit and the Graves Gallery, a treasure trove of an art collection housed in a small but well-curated gallery at the top floor of the grand art deco Central Library building (circa 1934).

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