Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Things 1-4: iGoogle and Gmail

Thing 1: Set up a Google ID:

I have been using Gmail (Google mail) and iGoogle for several years now, ever since I first started to use GoogleDocuments to share and collaborate with my labmates and classmates at Ohio University back in my white-coated laboratory days in the Department of Environmental and Plant Biology...My Gmail account gets little use these days, although I occaisionally use it to chat with friends and family back in Canada. GoogleDocuments is a wonderful opensource method of sharing documents, particularly useful for collaborative editing and writing.

The major difference between "http://" and  "https://" in URL web addresses is in the security of the item. HTTP pages are not secure and therefore subject to eavesdropping, whilst HTTPS use a secure protocol which restricts access by potential eavesdroppers.

Thing 2: Set up an iGoogle homepage with at least 5 gadgets on it:

My iGoogle page has several gadgets on it, including the weather, time, BBC iPlayer and NPR (brilliant American radio shows!), RSS feeds of some other blogs and news sources that I am following, including many Oxford blogs such as the Oxford Graduate Trainee Blog and the Oxford Science Blog. There is even a surf report, in case I ever make it down to Cornwall with my board...

Thing 3: Set up a blog on Blogger and make a first post:

I have already started a blog on Blogger. Pleaes look at my earlier posts for some interesting quips about information science and some photos of the fabulous libraries in Sheffield!

Thing 4: Register your 23 Things blog and explore others!

And now for something completely different...23 Things!

Part of the Oxford Graduate Library Trainee Programme will involve an introduction to web 2.0 applications in librarianship through a programme called "23 Things". Although this blog has up till now been mostly about library tours, with some "serious discussion" about information science, it will now change focus to incorporate this programme.

So now, on to 23 Things...