Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Things 1-4: iGoogle and Gmail

Thing 1: Set up a Google ID:

I have been using Gmail (Google mail) and iGoogle for several years now, ever since I first started to use GoogleDocuments to share and collaborate with my labmates and classmates at Ohio University back in my white-coated laboratory days in the Department of Environmental and Plant Biology...My Gmail account gets little use these days, although I occaisionally use it to chat with friends and family back in Canada. GoogleDocuments is a wonderful opensource method of sharing documents, particularly useful for collaborative editing and writing.

The major difference between "http://" and  "https://" in URL web addresses is in the security of the item. HTTP pages are not secure and therefore subject to eavesdropping, whilst HTTPS use a secure protocol which restricts access by potential eavesdroppers.

Thing 2: Set up an iGoogle homepage with at least 5 gadgets on it:

My iGoogle page has several gadgets on it, including the weather, time, BBC iPlayer and NPR (brilliant American radio shows!), RSS feeds of some other blogs and news sources that I am following, including many Oxford blogs such as the Oxford Graduate Trainee Blog and the Oxford Science Blog. There is even a surf report, in case I ever make it down to Cornwall with my board...

Thing 3: Set up a blog on Blogger and make a first post:

I have already started a blog on Blogger. Pleaes look at my earlier posts for some interesting quips about information science and some photos of the fabulous libraries in Sheffield!

Thing 4: Register your 23 Things blog and explore others!

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