Saturday, May 19, 2012

Back on Track with CPD23 2012...CPD23 Thing 1: Blogs and Blogging

There have been many changes in the past few months, most notably that I am now working as a Library and Information Assistant at the Natural History Museum Library (more on that in a later post and later in this section).
But I am now taking another stab at CPD23 and hoping to make it to the end this time around.
OK, so here goes:

I am taking part in CPD23 because I beleive that it will be useful not only for developing increasingly necessary skills in social media, but also because it will help to hone skills that I already possess, and perhaps allow me to learn new and creative ways of using these skills. In addition, I think that the CPD23 programme will enable greater networking with librarians and information professionals at all stages of their careers in many different library and information management settings. I'm looking forward to getting involved and to meeting some of the other participants, even if only on-line!

A bit about me and my career so far: I started off as a biologist, but always spent a lot of time frequenting the library, both for research and also for pleasure. I essentially had a "lucky stumble" into librarianship when I started work as a graduate library trainee at the Bodleian Libraries in Oxford. There, I had the chance to work at the Radcliffe Science Library, the Alexander Library of Ornithology and the Sherardian Library of Plant Taxonomy, which I found to be the perfect synthesis of many of my interests in science, science communication and librarianship. Through the traineeship, I was able to delve into many aspects of librarianship, from serials accessioning to reader services and research support and even rare book cataloging. I was inspired, and was very eager to learn more. The following year, I was hired as a library assistant at the Theology Faculty Library, and then as a Library and Information Assistant at the Natural History Museum Library. I hope to start studying part-time for a LIS postgraduate degree programme in September.

As for blogging, I enjoy writing, and hope that this programme will help me to improve and develop my on-line presence, in addition to enabling me to extend my knowledge of other programmes (I have yet to explore Tumblr and Posterous, for example). I'm looking forward to exploring more Things!

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  1. Hurrah and good luck with CPD23! I'm not taking part but am looking forward to following everyone's adventures.