Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Things 11 & 12: Podcasting and YouTube

My trainee project will involve making an induction podcast for the RSL, presenting new readers with general information about the library including how to search for, and borrow books, in addition to highlighting research resources available at the RSL such as the RSL Research Skills training courses. I will be using Captivate software to essentially convert a PowerPoint presentation into a podcast which will also be uploadable to YouTube. Unfortunately, though, unlike the wonderful induction "silent film" for the Social Science Library (see video below), I am not allowed to include anything remotely silly. It all has to be *very serious*. Perhaps this is because I will be highlighting research resources at the RSL, and everyone knows that scientists are all *very serious*...

Ah! YouTube! Source of much entertainment whilst waiting for the PCR experiments to finish in the lab, or (occaisionally) while working late rota on the circulation desk at the RSL (although not too often!). YouTube is also a useful resource for educational videos, and a great way to disseminate library information, as this induction video about the SSL at Oxford shows:

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