Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Things 15 & 16: Exploring Twitter

I have had a Twitter for almost a year now, and really enjoy using it to receive quick news updates and also to connect with friends and colleagues. All Twitter updates must be written in a maximum of 140 characters, which makes it quite concise. It is possible to "follow" people or institutions and organisations of interest, and to make "lists" of regularly-followed users. I have made several lists that I follow, with regular news updates for science news, librarians and libraries, the arts and philosophy.

Searchable terms can be indicated with a hashtag ("#"). To send tweets directly to another Twitter user, one simply adds their Twitter name with "@" in front of it. It is also possible to send Direct Messages using the Direct Message feature, then, these tweets are not visible to other followers.

One problem that I have with Twitter is that it is quite easy to confuse social and work tweets, so I always try to keep my tweets professional whenever possible.

If you would like to read some of my latest Tweets, or follow me on Twitter, you can find me here:

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